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Gary M. Herd
Click Here for the bearded woodworker
Hello, and welcome to Kraken Studios. My name is Gary Herd and I
live in the beautiful Central Oregon Coast. I move to Oregon in
1993 and am proud to call it home. I've been creative and Artistic
all my life. I started my Mural business in 2006 and enjoy painting
large scale Murals. Here in my website, you'll see examples of most
of my murals, and some of my artwork. When I'm not painting
murals, or up in the studio, I find myself in the garge creating with

I have 2 Youtube channels-
Kraken Studios (click here) and
The Bearded Woodworker (click here)

Below you will also see a portion of this website that's dedicated
to the Bearded Woodworker. More to come later for that.

Thanks For stopping By!!