Hello, and welcome to my website. My name in Gary Herd and I've
been an artist all my life. My mother explains how she saw my
creativity come to life when I was a child playing with my legos. I can
remember doodling on the Church bulletins with the little pencils
that were provided for all to use; and my father taught me
perspective drawing when I was in the 3rd grade, a skill I think all
artist should know.
I was born in Weisbauden, Germany in 1973 as I was  an Air Force
child. We moved to Abilene, TX when I was 2 years old and that is
where my childhood took place. I learned a lot in my pre-teen life
while I was a member of The Boy Scouts of America. My folks,
as many do, got divorced when I was about 9. This changed my
world. My mother ended up moving my older brother and I back to
Maine where she was from. Maine, as a teenager, was an amazing
time in my life. Having the ocean in my backyard was an experience
I'll never forget.
I graduated from South Portland High School, focusing on Art and Music. If there was an Art Class, I was taking it; if there was
a music class or band, I was taking it. I entered my first Art Show at the "Art in the Park" and won my first ribbon. I then sold that
piece to my first client, Mrs. Fire, my chorus teacher. After graduating in 1992, I worked 3 job for a year before I broke my
mother's heart and moved 3000 miles away. This major mile stone in my life brought me to where I have called my home ever

I love Oregon and am proud to call her my home. I have lived all around the Portland Metro area for 20 years and now call the
Oregon Coast the home of my dreams. I have the ocean in my backyard again! I live in Waldport with my soul mate, Sara. We have
an amazing son, Alexander, and are so proud to be his parents.  I find the mural work to be a little slower here, which gives me more
opportunity to work in my studio.
Artist: Gary M. Herd                                 503-336-1652                                    garyherd@cryofthewolf.com